PHC Hebrew School c.1919

Les Schenberg’s photo of Hebrew School perhaps around 1919

Front row 2nd from left: Arthur Schenberg (Les’s father)

Front row 5th from the right Bob Schenberg

3rd row from the front, 5th from the left just behind and to the side of the teacher: Morris Schenberg

3rd row from the front Golda Schenberg is 2nd or 3rd from the right.  I think she is the slightly darker skinned one.  She is Dennis Woolf’s mother.

Additional 22,000 pages of Australian Jewish newspapers are now on TROVE

We’re delighted that an additional 22,000 pages of Australian Jewish newspapers are now online. This adds to the already vast collection of the history of Jewish life in Australia that can be viewed through Trove.
The new content is:
– Australian Jewish Herald: 6 January 1956 to 2 August 1968:
– Jewish Post: 27 January 1949 to 6 May 1966:
– Australian Jewish Post: 13 May 1966 to 2 August 1968:
– Australian Jewish Forum: 1 February 1941 to 1 May 1949:
This project is a collaboration between the Library, the National Library of Israel, and the Australian Jewish Historical Society.
All this material is available in your home from your national library.